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21st Century Equity Advisors Corporation is dedicated to:


Some of the investment techniques and philosophies employed include the following:

  • An extensive knowledge of both bull and bear market behavior is deemed essential to successful investing.
  • 21ST CENTURY seeks to avoid damage inflicted during bear markets.
  • The commonly publicized term “buy and hold for the long-term” is believed by 21ST CENTURY to be misleading and generally misunderstood by average investors. This phrase is not a factor in the development of investment strategies for 21ST CENTURY’S clients.
  • Risk levels are managed by carefully monitoring the size of equity position sizes.
  • Most portfolios include some ownership of securities that provide cash investment returns through dividends or call writing programs.
  • Ideally, stocks are bought during periods of deep pessimism and sold (or positions reduced) during periods of excessive optimism.
  • Ideally, stocks are bought during “basing” trading patterns or shortly after an initial breakout occurs above the price channel established during the basing phase.
  • Ideally, stocks are bought when they become undervalued, and sold when they become overvalued.
  • Selling stocks is an integral part of the investment process. Ideally, stocks are sold when a stock has entered a “topping” trading pattern.
  • Sometimes, stocks may be sold during short-term “bulges” in the overall market or price of the individual stock with the expectation of re-establishing the position (and possibly adding to it) during a “normal” price pullback.
  • 21ST CENTURY seeks, for inclusion in its clients’ portfolios, stocks selected from a small universe of stocks rather than a large universe. It is preferable to be highly knowledgeable about a smaller number of securities (no more than 50), than possessing a mediocre knowledge of a large universe of stocks (there are more than 5,000 publicly traded U.S. stocks).
  • Cash-generating call-option writing strategies are utilized for accounts with sufficient size to absorb associated trading costs.


  • 21ST CENTURY believes that the reporting system utilized by Fidelity Investments is among the most effective in the industry. Monthly statements and year-end tax reporting summaries issued by Fidelity to clients of 21ST CENTURY are easy to understand.
  • 21ST CENTURY compliments Fidelity’s reporting system by providing a quarterly performance report to its clients that summarizes the dollar performance of that client’s accounts for three time frames: for the quarter just passed; for year-to-date; and from account inception.
  • Clients have up-to-the-minute access to their account statistics via the Fidelity Investments website.


  • 21ST CENTURY believes that many individuals have become overly “fearful” of the stock market perhaps as a result of negative experiences associated with the 2000-2002 bear market or for some other reason. Therefore, many investment accounts have remained under-invested (disproportionate amounts of assets invested in low-yielding money market accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposits, annuities etc.) or not invested at all. The result is that lifestyles of many people relative to the size of their net worth have suffered. Through investment programs with the objective of achieving superior investment returns, 21ST CENTURY seeks to reverse this fearful thinking.


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